Articles About Electric Kilns
Copyright (c) 1886, 2001, 2003  by Beverly Howard, Austin, TX, USA

First, the Disclaimers!!!

Electricity is LETHAL!  The following information is provided for those who are knowledgeable, experienced and comfortable working with and around 240 volt ac electrical systems and high temperature ceramic kilns.  If you are not, please do not attempt to implement any of the following suggestions without the help and assistance of a licensed electrician.

In addition to the electrical dangers, electrical and firing problems can easily lead to accidental fires that can destroy structures not to mention the possibility of killing or injuring people.  While the author has executed the following modifications and those modifications are currently in use in a full time pottery studio at the time of this writing, the author does not accept any responsibility for any injury, damage or other losses that may result from attempting to implement any of the suggestions and designs shown in the following page.  The use and implementation of these suggestions are at your own risk.

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